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Running a restaurant is hard work. There’s always something to worry about, like profit margins, troubled employees, distributors, getting city ordinance to approve a provocative name, ect. However, recently Jake’s Big Ass Buffet had another problem. The problem’s name was Hanna. Hanna was a recently graduated high school student. She had come to Jake’s restaurant every day since it opened six months ago, and you could tell it by looking at her. Most customers are only able to eat 2-3 plates of Jake’s old fashioned, very heavy southern fried food. However, Hanna had been increasing the median number of customer plates all by herself. The phrase “good customer” has a much different meaning from a buffet and a traditional sit down restaurant. Restaurant workers are now taking bets on how many plates she’ll get through.

Hanna was an angel faced, dirty blonde, 6’’2, 19 year old with only a few, simple desires in life. To be the fattest girl on the planet, and to live as much of a hedonistic lifestyle as possible. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Hanna would always smoke weed before and after she ate, as it was like a second wind in her devouring of grease ridden comfort foods. When you’re this big, a case of the munchies can turn into a thanksgiving sized meal. She also loved all of the attention that her new curves were giving her. Any type of attention will do. Lust, disgust, whatever people felt, she ate it all up (like most things).

Hanna had taken up a feeder to push her to her limits. Her name was Kayla, a brunette bombshell that could have any man she wanted. However, she was as much into Hanna gaining as Hanna herself was (which, believe me, is hard to believe). They met while they were still in high school, while Hanna was a paltry and malnourished 420lb Junior. During lunchtime, it wasn’t unusual (ok, it was a daily event) for Hanna to eat more than three lunches. Kayla gave her sixth lunch of the day (A record for Hanna, which would almost immediately be broken), and as their eyes met, Hanna let out a loud, boisterous belch and Kayla wiped the pizza sauce from her mouth. From then on, you couldn’t see the two without Hanna eating and Kayla taking care of her swelling piggy goddess.

Kayla made Hanna wear white t-shirts with provocative, fat humiliation phrasing on the front. Phrases like “Big Girl”, “Bottomless Pit” “Wide Load”, “Yes, I’m THIS fat”, “Fatty fatty 2X4”, “Insert food here”, and just plainly “FATASS”, among many, many others were displayed across her very flabby chest, often tight and grabbing every curve the girl had. They joked that she would have to start tucking in her shirt now, into her chins. They had started out as 2XL shirts, but I doubt that could fit around Hanna’s calf now.

While Kate gave her a sponge bath every day, scrubbing between her deep, deep fat folds, Hanna only loved the attention that was being given to her, (which almost always lead to fondling from Kayla). She didn’t care what others thought of her physical appearance, or even how she smelled. Thank god that Kayla cared enough for the both of them.  While most girls would be keeping themselves VERY clean, Hanna didn’t care, even though she began to sweat more and more as she packed on weight at an alarming rate. And why should she? Everyone around her should feel lucky to be a part of her journey to greatness, so they should take notice of every part, even if it’s a house shaking belch, or a smell that could make most people pass out.  

Jake had been slowly watching restaurant revenue slowly trickle down the more Hanna came in. She was a very rude customer, often having no regard for anyone else around her. He was angry at himself for putting “All you can eat!” at the end of his sign out front of the restaurant, mainly because Hanna’s limit of how much she could eat was a constantly evolving definition.
Were you there the day Hanna broke her first chair? It was the threshold between where you start knowing that a person has a weight problem and where you start wondering how a person could let themselves get to that point of obesity. It happened while she had her favorite combination of food that Jake offered. Greasy fried chicken legs, buttery mashed potatoes, and gravy covering everything (Including a lot of Hanna). As she was on her eighteenth plate that night, with a stack of plates piled high with a growing number of chicken bones on the side, a loud snap was heard over the slapping of her greedy lips throughout the dining room. All four of the legs had finally given way under the ballooning weight of this growing girl. The poor thing didn’t have a chance.
While lost in the heavenly bliss that was taking place for Hanna, she had the sudden feeling of her fat plummeting to the floor. A very loud SMACK hit the ground as her flabby, bloated ass hit the restaurant floor without being able to catch herself. You think that this would be the point that a person would “wake up” and realize that she needed to change her lifestyle, go on a diet and feel ashamed. Well, most people maybe. But not Hanna.

This was her moment. Those who weren’t already watching her were watching her now. Hanna was a ham in every sense of the word. She could feel her own gargantuan gut gurgling and as she opened her wide, food covered mouth with a smile, a titanic belch echoed from her bright red lips. The sheer sound coming out of this girl was impossible to ignore, as those in the restaurant who didn’t have her attention already, stopped dead in their tracks.

Nobody really knew what protocol to follow here. Kayla, whose face turned bright red, not from embarrassment, but from pride, was able to get three large men to get Hanna to her swollen feet and into the back of their overburdened car. This process took almost 45 minutes, requiring several snack breaks and Hanna’s hips touching the doorframe as she passed through it. All three of the men were covered in Hanna’s sweat and grease by the end of it.

But the next day, Hanna and Kayla had come back, this time with Hanna’s big fat ass taking up two chairs, dwarfing all 130lbs of Kayla’s small frame. That was two months ago, and Hanna has been growing at an accelerated pace. This air of confidence surrounding Kayla and Hanna as they walked (or waddled) into the buffet was obnoxious. Their swagger flowing off of them like they were the ‘cool kids’ at a high school party.

It wasn’t long before Hanna’s hips had grown so goddamn fat that she was now wedged in between the doorway after an amazing binge. No one could get in or out of the restaurant until this overfed hippo of a girl was moved. Jake had to take the 2lb can of Crisco from the kitchen and begin rubbing her sides as Kayla pushed her gargantuan beauty from behind. This was turning into foreplay as Kayla kept going lower and lower on her partner’s disturbingly large ass.

From the front, Hanna said in a very huffed, deeper than usual voice, “JAKE, pass the Crisco to me, and I’ll grease my belly from the front.” She said, having to yell from the other side of the door. Reluctantly, Jake passed the can of Crisco through the upper part of the door (that wasn’t engulfed in this giant woman’s blubber). But as soon as the can dropped into her overflowing cleavage, she took one whiff of this can of pure grease, said an audible “Yummy!” with wide eyes and renewed energy and went face first into the can, licking it clean in no time at all. Like a hungry wolf going at an animal carcass, Hanna made the same sounds, devouring the contents of the can. Her lover, still behind her, didn’t care that they were in public and just started diving between her thighs from outside of her greasy, overflowing stretch pants.

As Jake heard the sounds of Hanna eating the Crisco, he became furious and took a running start at shouldering Hanna through by diving into her over bloated rear end. However, Jake just simply bounced off of her as soon as he hit her. It was like diving into a massive, flabby exercise ball (hitting only one cheek, of course). However, as Jake hit the ground, he did hear a loud crack. The sides of the doorframe around Hanna’s hips were giving way and Hanna fell forward through the door! Hanna’s face didn’t hit the ground, being protected by just the sheer amount of fat from her stretch mark covered belly and her engorged boobs.

Jake thought for sure this would be the last he saw of Hanna and Kayla, except for maybe in the papers. After Kayla paying to fix the doorframe and getting Hanna onto a loading cart to get her out, Jake almost cried when they didn’t come back the next day, or even the next week. Finally, he had his restaurant back! However, his excitement was short lived, as almost a month to the day, he heard a loud, stomping sound from the parking lot. Then another. Every fifteen or so seconds, another loud stomp, almost shaking the glasses of water on the buffets tables.

As Jake looked outside, he did cry, as he say Kayla coaxing her now supersized girlfriend with foot long subs caked in mayonnaise as she waddled closer and closer to the door, wearing what Jake would assume could be no less than a 12XL shirt with the words “ONE THOUSAND POUNDS” in black lettering across the front. Her clothing already hugged every inch of her Wonka Blueberry sized body, and he could tell that Hanna was high as a kite. Hanna was just an absolute tank! Every laborious step she took was pure, physical exertion, as you could see her humongous belly shift from side to side. Her belly was slapping against her knees as it jetted out 4 feet in front of her. Her jiggling, never not moving drum of a gut was taking the majority of her weight. With a deeper belly button that most people’s forearms, you could stick a thanksgiving turkey in this thing. Her belly made her HHH sized breasts an afterthought in size as they sat somewhat perky on top of her shifting belly. They had stretched out the ONE THOUSAND POUNDS as wide as it would go in the very light white t-shirt. Her arms looked like pillowcases stuffed with pudding as she swung them up and down, trying to gain enough momentum to move forward.

Her thighs were flabby, supple white tree trunks that were no doubt bright pink in between, from them almost never being apart even where he legs were spread wide. This wasn’t chub rub. This was… advanced chub rub. Jake was in absolute shock as he saw her belly actually wasn’t taking most of the weight. Her butt was, if you could even call it that at this point. Each gargantuan cheek swaying one step after the other, each cheek easily weighed 100lbs each. You have to think that Kayla was an ass girl, as she groped it every chance she got and wasn’t shy about looking either. Jake thought that if Hanna fell over, anyone caught underneath her ass would be as flat as a pancake. How could this 19 year old girl weigh possibly be this huge?


United States
Hi, my name is Zach. If I gave you a favorite, I like your stuff.
Would anybody read them? Would anybody care? They would be centered around weight gain, both male and female. Let me know if you would read them. 
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